back in perú

After 13 days in Ecuador, I’m back in Perú. While in Ecuador I helped to coordinate the first POYi Latin America contest along with Alexandra Brown and Oscar Durand. You can see the winning images here. The contest was inspiration to get out there make meaningful images in two ways. One, there were some well documented stories and new styles of photography among the images. On the other hand, there were a lot of stories that weren’t told in the 16,000+ pictures submitted by photographers from all over Latin America. The world is waiting for us!

Just 19 days before the Peruvian presidential elections and things are looking as interesting as ever. For the first time in Perú’s history there are five candidates with an extremely good chance of advancing. On April 10, if a candidate earns 50 percent of the vote, they will become the next president of Perú. If not, the two candidates receiving the most votes will participate in a runoff election in June to deteremine the winner. The runoff seems a certainty with only 9 percentage points between the top five candidates. Only the votes will tell. Busy working on some election coverage. Will post links and coverage soon.

peruvian flag mural

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