henry bradley, peru’s king of racing

I had never heard of Henry Bradley when I walked through the back door of his Lima shop. The smell of grease and the hum of cars being worked on made it just like any other shop in town, but Bradley’s history sets him apart. He won the most famous Peruvian racing event – Caminos del Inca – seven times, but more than wining it, he helped bring the race to his country. He raced in the United States for years and helped build the first Lexus that won a competition. And his knowledge of cars and racing is infinite. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a “motor head,” but after a few hours with this guy, you can’t help but be interested in the sport.

henry bradley race lima peruPublished June 23 in Ruedas & Tuercas


  1. TO: peru’s danica patrick elie gardner// Hi Elie. Nice to meet you talking about a great professional and better person as Herny!. I had the privilege of working alongside Henry between 2000 and 2004 in his Team. The name was BRACCO TEAM (The Spirit of Miami) in the Grand Am Series – USA., With an ACURA INTEGRA – MUGEN HONDA engine. I was the PIT (small but good) CREW Manager and Track assistant in some races Including the Miami 200 Miles at Homestead Track. Its pilots also great people, “quick” Porter and dear peruvian friend Alberto Rocca Sommerkampft (also co-owner of BRACCO TEAM), who knows a lot of South América Motorsport (my criteria).
    We generate a very good friendship with Henry during those days and even though I am a colleague of many worldwide excellent drivers and Team Managers, undoubtedly the humanity, simplicity and enormous experience of Henry make me keep him on top of my personal and professional consideration. If you have any way of contacting Henry at today, I will be very grateful if you could be kind enough to send any of them to me, or directly to tell Henry that I would like to contact him again. Thank you very much for your positive comment about Henry, in my opinion a “great” man that made “great” Motorsports in South America between the 70´s and the XXI century. Best regards Elie!!
    Alex. 🙂

    • Thank you, Alex, for sharing your memories here. I will do my best to put you in touch with Henry in the next few days.

    • you may find henry trough his dauther susan on Facebook.



  1. peru’s danica patrick :: elie gardner :: multimedia journalist - [...] one of only five women who have competed in Peru’s Caminos del Inca race – founded by Henry Bradley who…

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