thankful for little gifts

While I take a lot of portraits, some are definitely more interesting than others. As a photographer I sometimes get little gifts, like beautiful rays of natural light, a really great location or a few extra minutes to spend with a subject. After shooting dozens of executives in their offices, I rejoiced at the chance to photograph Humberto Martinez at a construction site. A few weeks later I was photographing Laura Fantozzi on a rooftop, working with two lights to overpower the harsh sun. When we went inside after the shoot I noticed the late afternoon sun coming in the window. Instead of overpowering it this time, I forgot about my lights and used it. In the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving today. This year I’m thankful for those little gifts.

Kusimayo, Lima, Peru

Laura Fantozzi of Kusimayo shot for HOLA Perú

Humberto Martinez, Marcan, Lima, Peru

Humberto Martinez of Marcan shot for G de Gestión

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