a new beginning

Yesterday Anita opened the doors of her restaurant Mi Terruño in Callao. This month the Peruvian Ministry of Transportation and Communications is expected to turn over 1730 acres of land to Lima Airport Partners for its US$800 million expansion plan for Jorge Chavez International Airport. Anita used to live on this land; she is one of about 700 families that were relocated to make way for the expansion. Plans are underway for the construction of a new runway and eventually the creation of an entirely new main terminal, control tower, shopping area and other commercial infrastructure.

Anita ran a restaurant and store in her former neighborhood, known as El Ayllu, for decades. Now she carries on the tradition, alongside three of her sisters, at this new property. Her carapulcra chinchana – a Peruvian stew of dried yellow potatoes, peanut, ají panca, pork and lots of other flavorful things – was the first I tasted. I don’t expect to find better. Hoping Anita finds lots of luck and customers in her new place.

Anita laughs as her godfather, sister and godmother officially inaugurate Mi Terruño with a sign advertising the menu.

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