the resilience of love

I met Vishnu on the morning of his wedding, one month after the earthquake in Nepal . He sat drinking tea, smiling and waiting for his bride to arrive. He showed me his new tattoo. It read “Anju”. The “J” was dotted with a heart. Both Vishnu and Anju’s homes were destroyed in the quake. Anju was living with her family in a tent. Vishnu’s friend urged him not to get married, it was a painful and dark time in the country. But Vishnu says his heart told him something else.

Anju’s parents had promised her to another man, but she chose Vishnu. Anju arrived at Bhadrakali Temple in Kathmandu the morning of May 20. While Vishnu finished his tea, she slipped on her rented red wedding gown in the back of the teahouse with the help of a friend. The priest prepared the temple for the ceremony, sprinkling bright yellow flower petals on the floor.

Then, without their families knowing, seated under the roof of the temple Vishnu and Anju became husband and wife.

Three days after the wedding, an aftershock struck.

“Everyone ran out of house screaming,” Vishnu says. “Anju was holding my hand tightly. I kissed her on the forehead, then she fell asleep again. It gave me the thought that nothing can harm you if someone is there loving you, caring for you.”



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