malas intenciones

Last month I had the opportunity to photograph Peruvian film director Rosario García-Montero and Fátima Buntinx, the protagonist of her recent film “Malas Intenciones,” for HOLA Perú. If you get the chance to watch it, I recommend it. While it’s not a “feel good” film, it’s a film that makes you feel. “With plenty of black humor and heart, this offbeat drama tells the story of Cayetana, a solitary Peruvian girl with a vivid imagination, who convinces herself that she will die the day her brother is born,” says the official site. The movie is set in Peru during the time of terrorism, which casts an extra sense of eeriness to movie.

An amusing side story…the week the movie was released in Peru, Fátima went to the theater, but they didn’t let her in because of her age. Rules are rules, but, sheesh!

fatima buntinx and rosario garcia-montero malas intenciones

fatima buntinx and rosario garcia-montero malas intenciones

fina: three generations

Last month I photographed Peruvian fashion designer Delfina Riveros Checa de Leigh, of FINA, along with her daughter and granddaughter. They recently designed a suit for Peru’s first lady, Nadine Heredia, that she sported in a photo on the cover of ¡HOLA! Perú. Delfina and her daughter Beatriz started the company in 1980. Their garments use alpaca, baby alpaca and are inspired by traditional Peruvian styles. Its runway meets Andes.

fina three generations of peruvian designers for hola peru

conde faber-castell

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph royalty for the first time in my career. Anton-Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell was in Lima for the 250th anniversary of the Faber-Castell brand, the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of colored pencils. I’ved used Faber-Castell colored pencil many times in my life so it was pretty interesting to learn where the name came from and have a royal count on the other side of my lens. Check out the family castle!

Portrait session for this week’s edition of ¡HOLA! Peru.

conde faber-castell

Anton-Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell

fun executives

Photographers are more happy when their subjects are willing to have fun. Thanks to Flavio, Carlos and Jaime for loosening up on the other side of my lens. I photographed all three for a business magazine in Lima called G de Gestión. While other photos of Carlos and Jaime were selected for publication, the photo of Flavio ran in the July issue of the magazine.

Flavio Pantigoso executive creative director Y&R LimaFlavio Pantigoso, Executive Creative Director for Y&R Lima

CEO of puma latin america carlos lajeCarlos Laje, Head of PUMA for Latin America

president of goodyear latin america jaime cohen

Jaime Cohen, President of Goodbyear for Latin America

karate kid

A few months ago I headed south to the beach town of Punta Negra to photograph 6-year-old Jhariff in his karate class. The Little Lutheran published the photos this month. After photographing karate class we headed to Jhariff’s favorite place – the beach – for a portrait shoot. At one point, I was focused on picture taking and Jhariff on jumping. The water snuck up on us, caught him and left me scrambling backward to avoid the water. Oh the joys of Mother Nature! At least she gave us a lovely sunset backdrop.

henry bradley, peru’s king of racing

I had never heard of Henry Bradley when I walked through the back door of his Lima shop. The smell of grease and the hum of cars being worked on made it just like any other shop in town, but Bradley’s history sets him apart. He won the most famous Peruvian racing event – Caminos del Inca – seven times, but more than wining it, he helped bring the race to his country. He raced in the United States for years and helped build the first Lexus that won a competition. And his knowledge of cars and racing is infinite. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a “motor head,” but after a few hours with this guy, you can’t help but be interested in the sport.

henry bradley race lima peruPublished June 23 in Ruedas & Tuercas

more words, fewer pictures

Despite my quietness in the blogosphere, my life in Lima has actually been quiet loud lately. In May I took a job as the news editor for Living in Peru. Instead of taking pictures, I read local newspapers and listen to the radio in Spanish and summarize and translate stories for the English-language website. I’ll continue the position until the end of June and then turn my focus back to telling stories instead of translating and re-telling them.

I’ve also picked up some freelance writing and recently published two pieces with Nature News: Scientists hopeful over election of new Peruvian president and Massive Chilean dams approved. Working on the stories introduced me to a colorful cast of characters, from a Chilean professor who makes talking about dams rather interesting to a scientist in Peru who creates virtual classes and teaches students throughout the entire Andean region via the wonders of the internet.

Sunday I picked up the camera for the first time in a while when Oscar Durand’s friends asked us to shoot maternity portratis. (Well, actually, I mostly held an umbrella for Oscar, but I got to snap a few shots too. The finger was too itchy to resist…) Here’s a little proof I still take pictures with something other than my crappy Blackberry camera : ) Think of it as a hold-me-over. A lot more is on its way, including some pictures I made months ago that will publish in July. Woo hoo!

lima peru baby portraits