sharing lima tips with nat geo’s intelligent travel blog

I enjoyed sharing some Lima tips with National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog. Among those tips I mentioned Dédalo, the shop in the above photo, where I like to browse all the colorful Peruvian handicrafts. Pictured is Isabel Perez Bermudo, an artisan from Ayacucho, who sells her handicrafts on the patio at Dedalo. The shop was started in 1992 by Maria Elena Fernandez, a lover of Peruvian art.

peruvian chef brisa in virtuoso life


Back in September I had the opportunity to photograph Brisa Deneumostier. She’s an inspiring woman and chef. Her name means “breeze” in Spanish, and I love what she says about that on her website: “I try to flow freely toward the destination where my intuition guides me through the aromas and flavors of life.” This photograph was published in the October issue of Virtuoso Life.

gonzalette el asador at mistura

If you’ve never heard of Mistura, you should Google it. Mistura is an enormous food festival in Lima, Peru, in its 6th year. This year about 350,000 people attended, setting a new record. My favorite part of the fair is being able to try food that’s not from Lima. At Gonzalette the Arequipeños were cooking up alpaca and beef.

Gonzalette El Asador at Mistura in Lima, Peru

Gonzalette El Asador at Mistura in Lima, Peru

Gonzalette El Asador at Mistura in Lima, Peru

sushi at swissotel

A few photographs from a recent food assignment for Peruvian business magazine G de Gestión. Care for a little caviar on top of your sushi?

sushi cage at swissotel in lima, peru by elie gardner, freelance photographer in lima, peruSushi Cage at Swissotel

artesanos don bosco

Yet another stop I made on my way through Barranco was at Artesanos Don Bosco. An Italian priest started the non-profit that trains impoverished communities in the Andes in woodworking and other arts, such as painting and textiles. The Lima shop sells the beautiful products and the profits go back to the communities. The quality is stunning.

artesanos don bosco in barranco by elie gardner, freelance photographer in lima, peru

museo pedro de osma

Back in October I photographed several hot spots of the Barranco neighborhood of Lima for National Geographic Traveler. In the next few posts I look forward to sharing some of the outtakes from the assignment.

These pictures are from Museo Pedro de Osma. If you like historic buildings and architecture, I found the space as stunning as the artwork inside. It was built by the Osma family in the early 1900s and was a private residence until it became a museum in 1987. Behind the main building are additional gallery spaces and beautiful gardens. The art includes textiles, sculptures, furniture, silver and paintings, some dating back as far as the 16th century.

pedro de osma barranco lima peru

museo pedro de osma barranco lima peru

museo pedro de osma barranco lima peru

museo pedro de osma barranco lima peru

peace in paracas

In February I spent a quick and perfect night in Paracas, a three hour drive down the coast from Lima. Within seconds it became my favorite coastal destination in Peru. The contrast from dry dessert to blue-green ocean is striking. Early in the morning in red kayaks Oscar and I paddled across the bay to an empty, sandy and seaweedy beach and went for a cold swim. Clean. Quiet. Peaceful. Bliss.

paracas national reserve, peru

paracas national reserve, peru

paracas national reserve, peru

barranco in national geographic traveler

I enjoyed a chance to hang around one of my favorite Lima neighborhoods for the February/March issue of National Geographic Traveler. I look forward to sharing more photos from the assignment in a couple of months.

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