stories of inclusion in peru

I have disappeared from the blogosphere for the last two months as Oscar and I have been busy working on several videos about social inclusion for Lima’s Bienal de Fotografía. Fifteen photographers from El Comercio worked stories from all three regions of the country: the coast, the mountains and the jungle. We shot and edited the stories in and near Lima while the photographers that shot in the mountains and jungle returned with content for us to edit. The photographs and video will be on display at the Casa Rímac (Jr. Junín 323) in Lima’s historic center for the next few months. Here’s a summary (that sounds much more poetic in Spanish, forgive the rough translation!) from the exhibit’s introduction by Marco Avilés:

El Comercio has united three generations of photographers to tell stories about communities and individuals that fight for their right to inclusion. The 15 photo essays show the complexity of exclusion in Peru and introduce us to those fighting to leave it behind, in some cases with the support of institutions and in others through their own valiant means. There are stories of personal growth, love and examples of solidarity. The collection is a diverse offering that reflects the talent and dedication of the photographers. There are no heroes or victims within these stories, only ordinary people working to create better lives for themselves.