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earth day

I spent Earth Day in the Amazon, documenting four Amazonian manatees as they were released back into their natural habitat. As our boat was pulling back into Iquitos I turned around and saw this. I felt the awe of nature and an overwhelming gratefulness for being there at that very moment.

Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon

twilight in lima

View of Lima from Cristo del Pacifico

aguaje in iquitos

Back in November I traveled to Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon to film for the Center for International Forestry Research. A fruit called aguaje grows on palms in the swamps near the city. In Iquitos alone 20 tons are consumed daily. Aguaje is a yellowish-orange fruit with a bit of a gritty texture. It’s eaten alone or used to make juices and ice cream and is rumored to boost libido and fertility. Others will tell you that it contains “feminine hormones that turn men gay.” The project took me from the swamps where it grows to aguaje wholesalers and the market. Here are a few images I made along the way.

Measuring carbon in the Peruvian Amazon

Aguaje at market in Iquitos, Peru

Aguaje wholeseller in Iquitos, Peru

gonzalette el asador at mistura

If you’ve never heard of Mistura, you should Google it. Mistura is an enormous food festival in Lima, Peru, in its 6th year. This year about 350,000 people attended, setting a new record. My favorite part of the fair is being able to try food that’s not from Lima. At Gonzalette the Arequipeños were cooking up alpaca and beef.

Gonzalette El Asador at Mistura in Lima, Peru

Gonzalette El Asador at Mistura in Lima, Peru

Gonzalette El Asador at Mistura in Lima, Peru

trucks at 5,100 meters above sea level

Back in April I headed high into the Andes near Cerro de Pasco to photograph for Hino’s corporate publication. The trip required long days in the car and thin air. Before being granted access to the mine and allowed to shoot, doctors on site ran tests to make sure my brain was getting enough oxygen. Luckily I passed and Mother Nature gave me a beautiful blue sky, sunshine and cotton-like clouds. I traveled and worked alongside two other women, both visiting from Hino’s headquarters in Japan. The miners sure thought we were a motley crew! Some of the images I made were published this month.

Hino trucks in Peru

Hino trucks in Peru

fighting child malnutrition in lima

Back in June Oscar and I published this video on Bread for the World’s website about a Partners in Health program that fights malnutrition in Lima. The program trains mothers to teach other mothers in their own community how to take better care of their children.

apurímac school bus

That’s one hell of a way to get to school!

coyllurqui, peru

hills of coyllurqui

Sunrise and sunset in a beautiful place in Apurímac.

coyllurqui, peru

coyllurqui, peru

dancing in lurigancho prison

I snapped this picture while working on a video story for Storyhunter. The video went on to be a Vimeo staff pick and now has 50,000 views and counting! I am honored and so glad that others are enjoying Alejandro’s story. He’s definitely inspiring.

Lurigancho prisoners doing aerobics in Lima, Peru

gardening in jail

Last week we went to Lurigancho Prison to interview an inmate for a story Oscar and I are working on. Ever since I moved to Peru I’ve heard of the Lurigancho Prison, known as one of the toughest in South America. While it looks like a prison on the outside, inside the prisoners have established their own society, with social classes, commerce and any kind of food you can find on the street in Peru. In the arid desert landscape the bright green heads of lettuce were hard to miss and, while it has nothing to do with our story, I stopped to make a few frames of the inmates gardening. Not exactly what I expected to find at the infamous Lurigancho!

Garden at Lurigancho Prison in Lima, Peru

Garden at Lurigancho Prison in Lima, Peru